March 2016 – Malta, Bluhull Projects has been awarded and entrusted with the application of protective Coatings for 20 No Oil and Gas Mud Tanks, which are used to produce drilling fluids used to aid drilling operations at offshore and onshore drilling sites.

The scope of works included the following:

  • Internal and external nebulized blasting, utilizing our state of the art Graco Ecoquip Machine. These blasting machines allow for a 92% reduction in dust during blasting operations, as they rely on patented nebulized water creation as the grit carrier. This machine is Bluhull’s gold standard for blasting in sensitive areas and is also very economical, as the requirements for grit medium is hugely reduced.
  • Internal and external application using our Line-X Protective Coatings, which is an advanced ultra-fast-drying non corrosive liner, totally isolating any oxidization. This product is spray applied and touch dry in seconds by our Line-X certified applicators, utilizing and operating our specially designed Line-X spray machine reactor.