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Bluhull Group are the Agents and Representatives for SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation, California U.S.A, which is a leading designer and manufacturer of small personal submarines and manned submersibles for  professionals with over 12,000 dives accumulated by its existing fleet. The company produces small personal submarines and manned submersibles with depth ratings from 150 meters to 1500 meters deep. All personal subs offered are based on the company’s patented submarine technology that provides excellent surface stability as well as superior underwater performance. These personal manned submersibles are ABS or DNV-GL classed and the subs are also approved for the Cayman flag.

These state of the art personal manned submersibles are robust, safe, and practical, holding 2 to 5 occupants, and offering excellent field of views. The submarines allow easy entry and exit from any private or commercial vessel. In surface mode, the patented flotation systems permit these private submarines to float high above the water line with a high freeboard when docked to the support vessel. When submerged, the personal submersibles are positively buoyant at all times and, should the thrusters stop, the submersibles will gently rise back to the surface. Underwater, these submarines remains horizontal at all times and do not roll or pitch. When these personal submersibles are near the surface at the end of a dive, their flotation systems are re-inflated such that the submersibles float back on the water’s surface at which point they are docked back to the support vessel or quay.

SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation has a long history producing its personal submarines and deep-sea submersibles. The company’s manned submersibles have performed thousands of dives around the world in a wide range of different sea conditions from many types of vessels, including superyachts and commercial work boats. These personal submarines and private submersibles have been used in scientific, commercial, and private superyacht industries and have also been used in National Geographic, BBC, and other numerous film projects. SEAmagine has a perfect safety record and a solid track record in reliability and practicality in both the commercial and superyacht markets.

Bluhull Group takes pride in representing and acting as Agents for SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation, offering a range of submersible models with depth ratings from 150 meters to 1000 meters.  The full solution involved with these personal submarines and manned submersibles will be introduced as a new concept for the oil and gas subsea and under water inspection services.  This manned solution is by far the safest manner in which Drilling Contractors and oil exploration operators can carry out deep-sea inspections and other related underwater surveys.

All of these personal submarines and manned submersibles are classed by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) or DNV-GL and approved by the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry (CISR). 

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