Drilling Equipment

Bluhull supplies a wide range of drilling equipment for offshore and onshore rigs that require replacement parts and rig fit refurbishment.

We supply and provide products with the safest, efficient delivery, supported by our local and regional aftermarket support network.

Bluhull  can provide you with the following equipment:

  • Masts and Substructures – (150T up to 1000T)
  • Mud systems – (up to 800 cubic meters)
  • Draw-works – (300HP up to 4000HP)
  • Deadline Anchors – (25000lbs up to 175000lbs)
  • Travelling Blocks – (75T up to 1000T)
  • Sheaves – (up to 72 inches)
  • Skidding Systems – (rolling, walking, skidding)
  • VFD Systems – (up to 2000KVA)
  • Independent rotary drive – (up to 1150HP)
  • Casing Stabbing board – (25 – 40 feet adjustable range)
  • BOP Handling Systems – (up to 150 tons)
  • Top Drives (1050HP)

All Equipment is API certified (API monogram), ISO certified and as required with regional certifications such as CE and Atex.