ASIS Amphibious Boats are favored around the world for leisure boating as well as for professional mariners such as firefighters, Coast Guard Patrols, Rescuers and many more.

The ASIS Amphibious craft is a boat with wheels that has been developed to allow the end-user to enjoy his journey on water and on land. An Amphibious craft can be driven from one’s beach house or storage location down a boat ramp or any beach and directly into the water while the users are on board thanks to the mechanics of the Amphibious system. ASIS 4WD Amphibious boats represent versatility, mobility, reach and freedom.

The ASIS Amphibious is one of a kind in the world, designed with a four-wheel-drive system making the Amphibious RHIB more stable and powerful. On land, it can drive up to 9.0km/hr.

This system consists of motorized, retractable and steerable wheels. The latter means that once the Amphibious is in the water, the wheels are retracted into the upwards position and are completely out of the water without affecting the high performance of the boat. Once the boat wants to beach the wheels are lowered into the downwards position while still moving in the water and the boat can drive itself out of the water, which makes the transition for the users smooth, safe and totally dry.

The Amphibious system can be placed on any ASIS Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) varying in range size from 5.1 meters to 12 meters and are available on both outboard and inboard powered boats.

Developed to enhance your boating experience for whatever purpose you have. Once you’ve been on an ASIS amphibious boat, there is no going back. As said by ASIS founder and CEO, Roy Nouhra: “Can you imagine yourself travelling with luggage without wheels?

ASIS Amphibious system is to Boating what wheels are for luggage. Once you have tried it, you will have experienced the future of boating”.

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